Corgi owner shares snap of ’emotional’ pet watching the Queen’s funeral


A corgi named Florence has captured the hearts of social media users after her owner, Jacqui, shared a snap of her looking ’emotional’ while they watched the Queen’s state funeral.

Posting on Twitter as @vanbommelj, Jacqui uploaded an image of five-year-old Florence (also known as Flo) spread out on the floor in front of the television, with the Queen’s funeral procession on in the background.

She captioned the tweet, writing: “It’s been an emotional week for a corgi too.”

Dozens of people have since liked the tweet, with Jacqui following it up with an image of Flo also stealing the show during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations this summer.

The image, taken at a street party, shows a cardboard cut out of the Queen, with Florence’s lead around it’s hand, and the pooch sat obediently below, looking up at the cardboard monarch’s face.

Speaking about Florence, Jacqui told The Mirror: “This is Florence a pedigree corgi who we bought from Mary Davies, a breeder in Wales. Mary Davies is part of the Welsh Corgi League and was in the documentary on the Queen’s Corgi’s as her kennel provided a sire for the Queen’s corgi’s.

“Florence has just turned five years old and is lovely natured, she qualified for Crufts but then ruined her looks by knocking a tooth out. She is much happier running on the beaches and wild spaces of the south coast where we live.”

“Six years ago Ruby researched the best small dog to fit our family. She settled on Corgis as at the time they were on The Kennel Club’s endangered breed list, plus they are known as being a big dog in a small body. Ruby saved all her babysitting and pocket money and did a paper round to pay for half of Florence. The other half being in lieu of three birthday and Christmas presents.”

Jacqui added: “Now Florence spends her time out walking every day, promoting the breed to everyone she meets letting them know that Corgis are strong obedient little dogs bred for cattle herding and will happily trek for miles which helps with weight control.

“Her other duties include keeping an ear alert for anyone passing by and attending our street parties (also posted on twitter).

“She was pictured stealing the show as we watched the funeral with my 80 year old parents who watched King George’s funeral together as children. They were in the same house crowded around a small black and white TV, my mum remembers this fidgety boy, they later married and had five children. But that’s another story…”

This comes as the Queen’s corgis were seen waiting for the coffin to arrive back at Windsor Castle.

Prince Andrew was seen with his late mother’s dogs, Muick and Sandy as they were walked inside the grounds of the castle ahead of the Committal Service.