Queen’s corgis wait to greet her coffin at Windsor leaving ‘broken’ fans in tears


As the Queen’s coffin arrives in Windsor after leaving London for the final time, royal fans spotted one especially moving moment on television – Her Majesty’s beloved corgis waiting to say their final goodbyes. The late monarch’s coffin passed the Queen’s remaining two dogs, Sandy and Muick, alongside two members of royal staff, who were waiting patiently on the pavement outside Windsor Castle.

The camera zoomed in to show the much-loved pooches watching the coffin drive by surrounded by guards, and mourners were left a “wreck”, expressing on social media how it was the triggering moment to their tears. Many said it was the “saddest” they’ve felt all day and also the “highlight” of the deeply upsetting procession.

One person said on Twitter : “Ok that did it for me, they just showed the Queen’s two corgis. And I’m balling my eyes out for them,” while another simply wrote: “One picture is worth a thousand words.”

A spectator agreed: “The Queen’s horse, Emma, and the two corgis at her funeral broke my heart.”

A third said: “The Queen’s horse and corgis waiting for her really got to me. I always feel awful for animals when their humans die. Poor things don’t know why their people aren’t there anymore. It just breaks my heart.”

Some people worried about the corgi’s grief and whether they wondered where their mother had gone and “when she’ll be back”.

“Just caught totally unawares by a bolt of emotion seeing a close up of two of the corgis. Always gets me when animals lose their favourite human and they don’t understand where they’ve gone,” someone said.

Prince Andrew, who has confirmed he will be taking care of the remaining pooches, was spotted bowing down to check on them.

The Duke and Duchess of York will care for Her Majesty’s two Welsh corgis, instead of passing them down to her son Charles, as the family gifted both dogs to the late monarch last year.

It is understood that Prince Andrew and Princess Beatrice gave her the two corgis and promised to take care of them if she died.

Andrew and his family presented the Queen with two puppies during lockdown to help keep her entertained at Windsor while her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, was in hospital.

She named the young corgi Muick, after Loch Muick on the Balmoral estate, and called the dorgi Fergus, after her uncle who was killed in action during the First World War.

The Queen was reportedly devastated when five-month-old Fergus suddenly died just weeks later, in the aftermath of Prince Philip’s death.

He was later replaced with a new corgi puppy named Sandy, from Andrew’s daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, for her official 95th birthday in June.

Andrew and Beatrice have reportedly been taking the Queen’s dogs for walks in recent months.

Just before Queen Elizabeth II passed away at the age of 96, she suffered one final heartbreak at the news of her eldest dog’s death.

Candy, the Queen’s oldest dog and longest-surviving dorgi – a cross between a dachshund and a Welsh corgi – sadly died soon after she arrived in the Scottish Highlands at the beginning of summer.

Her Majesty was said to be ‘distraught’ by the loss and made the decision to fly the loyal dog’s remains to London and be buried in Windsor with her other long-term pet, Vulcan, who passed away in 2020.